Lingerie Oohh La La

I’ve got a sweet spot for lingerie in my heart. Some of us think of lingerie as something intricate and out of reach, or only to be worn on special occasions. For me, it is my refuge. With my most recent responsibilities as a caregiver to my grandma going through chemotherapy, a tutor to my brother in the third grade, and occasional errand runner for my mother, living at home causes me to feel not so hot at times.


I turn to lingerie for that boost I need to bring out my inner goddess. Most days, I only have time to throw on yoga pants and a sweatshirt. Underneath those plain humdrum items, are pieces that caress my curves in all the right places. When I haven’t had time to put on any makeup and I have on socks that don’t match, I can hold my head high knowing my bra is the bomb. 


Sometimes, all it takes to feel ultra sexy during the day is a seamless pair of underwear, feeling soft and smooth with each stride. The right pair of panties can have a girl walking with a little more swagger than before, listening a little more closely, and standing a little straighter too.


When the clouds are heavy and gray overhead, we can always find sunshine in a perfect piece. I have a go-to gray, cotton set where there’s no padding in the bra but it’s very sturdy, holding up these boulders I’ve been blessed with. It’s also precisely smooth and doesn’t show under any shirts. I suppose that’s my biggest challenge, finding bras that hold but don’t impose. That’s entirely a topic all its own.

Lingerie is not a foreign puzzle to be solved. It’s not simply to be worn before sex. It shouldn’t even be an option. It’s a necessity; A hidden weapon available to all. It has been a known source of armor and a source of sheer empowerment since the very beginning. I’ll continue to be an advocate for the importance of intimate apparel until the sun sets in the East. 


  1. JEFF · 26 Days Ago

    Your style of writing is very eloquent and to-the-point.

    Have you ever thought about becoming an author? Of your own autobiography, or romance novels?

    I’d be your first preorderer.


  2. PapaDaddy · 26 Days Ago

    Now I know the secret why women that are dressed down walk with so much confidence


  3. Tshombe Knight · 25 Days Ago

    Its the beginning
    The ideal of intimacy as the imagination begins to take its course. The simple ideals of erotic pleasure can be measured by the thoughts one inspire in another as the desire for more comes from the subliminal messages sent without effort. Sensual expressions that lead to more is the goal where one loses control as the powers of seduction take over and the thought process is overloaded with lustful intentions beyond the norm all because of what she has on.


  4. michaeljlando · 24 Days Ago

    First off, I hope your grandmother is doing well with her treatments and that you’re doing ok as well. I know how difficult chemo can be on the person going through it as well as the caregiver. It sounds like you’re doing a lot for everyone around you, so it’s good to read that you’re not slipping on taking care of you (given your holistic lifestyle, I never doubted that). Your post gave me a new perspective on lingerie. I never considered the empowerment that women feel when wearing it outside of special occasions. So I’ve learned something new. The photography for this post is amazing—obviously you look great as always—but these shots gave me a whole new appreciation for lingerie.


  5. Lando · 24 Days Ago

    I like the perspective you’ve put it in. I think of it in a similar way. When I see a woman with lingerie on it makes me see her in a different light. More mature but at the same time showing off a different mood and mindset.


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