All About Anya

Who’s Anya Ivy anyway?

Anya Ivy is a 27-year-old erotic model and actress living in the charming, Southern city of Atlanta, GA.

She travels the world creating art and engaging with lots of interesting people. She hopes to learn and share all she can about the inside of the entertainment industry, from film, health, politics and her own personal experiences.


  1. Johnny brown · March 12, 2018

    There is a good life out there waiting on you.
    There are many things you must go through before you reach your final destination.and when you do you will know..people and things are put in your life for a reason..just pray about it and go along with it.
    It happen i. Order to achieve your goal.
    I have been watching you for a while now and i can see youre al ost to your dream come true.
    Just be faithful and loyal to yourself and that special someone your looking for.
    I can see your future is great.

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  2. Tyron Jackson · March 2

    Truly one of my favorite adult stars, I’d be so honored to meet this beautiful woman, and she’s only 27, a year older than me, I enjoy her, she’s a delight performer and im delighted as her big fan.😊


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